Semi-closed Environment IVF

As embryos are sensitive to temperature and pH fl uctuations, we designed the Semi Closed Environment (SCE) IVF to provide a controlled and natural environment during gamete/embryo handling —stress-free screening of oocyte during retrieval and fertilization, cleavage checking of embryos, scoring and preparation of embryo for transfer, and dish/media change.


SCE IVF: Zeiss objectives of 4x, 20x and 40x

Built-in microscope

Digital inverted microscope (Zeiss objective) that can move seamlessly from low to high magnification. The microscope is controllable by a joystick to adjust the focus and magnification.


Built-in Incubators

The market’s only semi closed workstation with two (2) built-in incubators, that can be accessed from both inside and outside the SCE. You can load your samples at the back and access it from the inside.

The built-in incubator has a CO2 and temperature-controlled environment for immediate/ temporary storing of your samples.

Gas Recovery Time: Less tha 1 min

Temperature Recovery: Less tha 3 min


Touchscreen Monitor

The touchscreen monitor is a fully functional Windows

PC with exceptional features:

  • Observe and record culture behavior in real- time via built-in microscope camera function.

  • Provides real-time information of the zone performance and other work area parameters such as gas pressure and flow rate.


Heated Glass Stage

The heated glass stage has a dedicated and uninterrupted power supply to further enhance the temperature control and recovery in this zone.


Comfort and Ergonomics

  • The SCE-IVF is ergonomically designed to minimize operator strain while working.

  • The SCE-IVF has an armrest support for more comfortable working position.

Arm Sleeves and Side Hatch

  • Arm sleeves easily and comfortably fit into your arms for convenience while working with your samples.

  • Easy cleaning of the work area and loading of materials by unzipping the arm sleeves or opening the side hatch.


Easy validation of chamber parameters

PT1000 temperature sensors are built-in, which are completely independent from the main circuitry. Gas sampling ports are available for the two (2) built-in incubators.


High quality airstream via HEPA-VOC filter

The gas that goes thru the incubators and the main work area of the SCE IVF is filtered by a built-in HEPA-VOC filter, which effectively removes at least 99.995% of all airborn particulates larger than 0.3 μm.

The gas is also recirculated through the HEPA-VOC filtration system to help lower your consumption.