Miri® | Benchtop Multi-room Incubator

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The new Esco Miri® is a revolution in form and functionality for CO2 incubators for in vitro fertilization (IVF). With 6 chambers, the Miri is a multi-room incubator that allows users to access their cultures in one chamber without affecting the neighboring chambers. Thus, the harmful effects of fluctuations in temperature and gas caused by frequent incubator access are avoided.

Built specifically to equip IVF laboratories and clinics to provide the best standards of care, it boasts a unique set of features that cannot be found elsewhere.


Key benefits:

  • 6 completely separate heating chambers for safe and secure handling of your embryos
  • Total capacity of up to 48 standard culture dishes
  • All chamber and lid temperatures are independently adjustable
  • Direct heat transfer allows for <1 minute temperature recovery
  • Heated Lid prevents condensation and enhances temperature regulation and recovery
  • Separate CO2 and O2 regulation, expensive mixed gases not required!
  • Air quality is continuously cleaned by HEPA/VOC filters, and UV light.


All in all, the Esco Miri Multi-room Incubator is the perfect choice for routine embryo culture for any IVF clinic.

No. of compartments

  • - 6 completely separate heating chambers

Heating method

  • - Direct heat transfer via heated bottom, also with heated lid and heating optimization plate

Total capacity

  • - Heating plates customized for several types of dishes,
  • e.g. Falcon® or Nunc®
  • 24 x IVF 4-well dishes
  • 24 x Petri dishes Ø 60 mm
  • 48 x Petri dishes Ø 35 mm

Input gas

  • - 100% CO2, 100% N2 (premixed gas NOT required)

Fast recovery

  • - 1 minute temperature recovery
  • - 3 minutes gas recovery


  • - Optional Simulated Humidification

HEPA/VOC filtered airstream

  • - YES

UV sterilized airstream

  • - YES, optional

Data logging

  • - YES, optional via supplied software


  • - YES, audible+visible, for out-of-range parameters: temperature, gas concentration, and gas pressure (can be connected to external monitoring systems)


  • - YES


  • - IEC/EN 60601-1 3rd edition
  • - EU MDD Class IIa Medical Device
  • - FDA 510(k)

Gas Regulator

Gas regulator

CO2/O2/Temp Analyzer

CO2 / O2 / Temp Analyzer

HEPA + VOC Filter

HEPA Filter

Miri Stacking Frame

Miri Stacking Frame

Fast connector with 15cm silicone tubing

For connection to the N2 inlet and the gas sampling ports.


Micro pH Probe (BNC)

For standard pH measurement of microdrop volumes of media.

Micro pH Probe