Miri® TL | Time-Lapse Embryo Incubator

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At the heart of the New Esco Miri® TL is its Time Lapse monitoring of embryo development. The Esco Miri® TL, optimized for clinical and IVF procedures, is designed to support existing work and quality assurance routines. This value- added treatment holds the most unique incubation environment with the market's most secure and safe procedures. It has a digitalized documentation for data export. This incubation system also provides predictability in the daily handling and is currently the market’s lowest cost of ownership.

Watch now the video on Miri® TL Incubator Operation



  • 6 incubation chambers set new standards for a safe and secure handling of your embryos
  • Time lapse monitoring with 5 minute picture interval
  • 3 softwares: Miri® TL Software (running on the PC in the MIRI TL); Miri® TL Server (running on a seperate powerful PC); Miri® TL Viewer (Running on a powerful client touch PC)
  • 1 CultureCoin per Miri® TL chamber; 14 embryos per CultureCoin
  • Heated lid prevents condensation and enhances temperature regulation / recovery




  • 6 completely separate culture chambers with a total capacity of up to 84 embryos
  • Gas mixer ensures accurate control
  • Direct warming of the dishes in the chambers for superior temperature stability
  • 1 minute temperature recovery after opening of the lid
  • Complete gas exchange in the system takes place in less than 10 min
  • Gas recovery time of less than 3 minutes
  • 12 completely separate PID temperature controllers
  • Alarms with external alarm port




  • Built- in HD resolution touch screen PC
  • Easy event-result based drag and drop annotation
  • Writable Glass Lids
  • Large and easy-to-read LED displays




  • With pH sensor port
  • Easy temperature CO2 and O2 validation via the easy access PT1000 connectors and gas sampling ports.




  • Pre-mixed gas is not required
  • Total gas consumption is very low. Less than 2l/h CO2 and 10l/h N2 in use.